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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetchnews Problem

> The problem is the groups were never unsubscribed.  As I stated before, the
> high message number is getting screwed up.  This only seemed to really mess
> one of my the servers I connect to, Supernews.  But, it could have happened
> on the others, just might not have been as noticable.
> The groups always stayed subscribed.  But, every time it would fetch new
> news, the groups high number was messed up.

I'm not sure whether I'm seeing the same problem... I've seen the
high-water mark thing that people have been talking about on a couple
of occasion recently. (Unfortunately my ISP is not noted for its
reliable news server, so some of the stuff I missed at the start of
the week is almost certainly BTInternet's fault....) What I've also
seen is a problem with new groups. Normally when a new group appears,
slrn ( displays it, and I promptly unsubscribe (without ever
reading it) and never hear of it again. However, recently, the groups
keep appearing as new groups, every time I enter slrn. Reliable
solution is to go hack the groupinfo file... Whenever I've done this,
the relevant group has an entry something like:

    alt.audio.pro.live-sound 1 1 953208460 -x-

Changing the large integer to a 0 always sorts the problem (I may
still see it as a new group on one more occasion, but unsubscribing
works). However, there are many, many groups with a large integer in
this field (1738 of the 42242 in groupinfo) - there are only 159
distinct integers, all starting in 9, and all 9 decimal digits
long. Not all groups with such a large integer ever display the
problem - which also seems intermittent, so that not every new group
is affected.

Not sure if this casts any light on anything for anybody!

Running leafnode 1.9.14 on Linux (kernel 2.2.0-pre1, otherwise
basically a RedHat 5.2 installation).



Colin Brough                               Colin.Brough@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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