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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode and slrn "Reconstruct Thread"

Andreas Ferber wrote:

[XPAT capabilities for Leafnode]

> If you also want to use this patch, you can find it on
> http://www.devconsult.de/~af/ (sorry, but this page is in german).
> The patch is available for ln 1.9.14 
> ( http://www.devconsult.de/~af/leafnode-1.9.14-xpat.diff.gz )
> and for ln 1.9.16 (You guessed it: ;-)
> http://www.devconsult.de/~af/leafnode-1.9.16-xpat.diff.gz )

I included links on http://www.leafnode.org/download.html


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