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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode: news readers report that there are no

Shaun Karl wrote:

> After installing leafnews and running fetchnews once, my news reader (tin -r 
> localhost) reports that there are no groups. nn exits immediately, which I 
> interpert to the same effect.

Your groupinfo looks ok. To debug the problem, you should first
try whether you can retrieve the grouplist manually. To do that,

telnet localhost nntp
[expect leafnode greeting here]
list active

and you should be greeted with a large list of groups. Type "quit" to
stop talking to Leafnode.

If this works, I don't have a good explanation for what is going on.
Tin should at least start up but will possibly (dependent on its
initial settings) not display any groups. Type "y" to get a list of
all groups.


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