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[leafnode-list] leafnode and slrn "Reconstruct Thread"


A while ago I wrote a patch for leafnode to make the slrn "Reconstruct
Thread" feature work with ln.  The patch adds a new NNTP command
(XPAT) to leafnode which is used by slrn.

I didn't officially announce this patch because it was untested.  Now
it has worked for me quite a while, and some other people are also
using it and didn't report any problems (it's also included in ln

If you also want to use this patch, you can find it on
http://www.devconsult.de/~af/ (sorry, but this page is in german).
The patch is available for ln 1.9.14 
( http://www.devconsult.de/~æf/leafnode-1.9.14-xpat.diff.gz )
and for ln 1.9.16 (You guessed it: ;-)
http://www.devconsult.de/~af/leafnode-1.9.16-xpat.diff.gz )

I would appreciate getting some feedback from people using this patch.

CU, Andreas

In specifications, Murphy's Law supersedes Ohm's.

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