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[leafnode-list] Leafnode vs. Newswatcher (MacOS)

Leafnode doesn't seem to get along with MT Newswatcher for the MacOS. It 
gives a strange error message when there are no more messages to be read, 
the newsgroup has expired (2 weeks) but the newsreader still is subscribed, 

I got this message today when I subscribed to a new group and tried to 
retrieve the placeholder message.

The error that emerged was:

An error occurred when NewsWatcher tried to send a command to your news server.

NewsWatcher sent the following command:
XHDR newsgroups 1-1

The server sent the following response:
430 No such header: newsgroups

Server errors sometimes mean that you did something wrong. For example, if 
you type a password incorrectly, you get a server error message.

Server errors also sometimes mean that there is something wrong with your 

Server errors do not usually mean that there is anything wrong with 
NewsWatcher. The author of NewsWatcher cannot fix your server for you. Only 
your local administrator can do this. Please report server errors which you 
do not understand to your administrator, not to the author of NewsWatcher.

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