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Re: [leafnode-list] Dummy messages in Newsgroups not fetched by

Cornelius Krasel wrote:

> > The special message "This newsgroup will be fetched from now on" is only
> > displayed in Newsgroups I subscribe to the first time.
> I don't think that this is a message from Leafnode:
> % grep 'from now on' *.c
> fetchnews.c:            printf("skipping %s from now on\n", g->name);

I quoted from my own memory, ... sorry. The real text of the dummy
message is:

> Subject: Leafnode placeholder for group alt.3d
> This server is running leafnode, which is a dynamic NNTP proxy.
> This means that it does not retrieve newsgroups unless someone is
> actively reading them.
> If you do an operation on a group - such as reading an article,
> looking at the group table of contents or similar, then leafnode
> will go and fetch articles from that group when it next updates.
> Since you have read this dummy article, leafnode will retrieve
> the newsgroup alt.3d when fetchnews is run
> the next time. If you'll look into this group a little later, you
> will see real articles.
> If you see articles in groups you do not read, that is almost
> always because of cross-posting.  These articles do not occupy any
> more space - they are hard-linked into each newsgroup directory.
> If you do not understand this, please talk to your newsmaster.
> Leafnode can be found at
>        http://www.leafnode.org/

Is there any condition when this message is recreated when messages were
not read for a long time?


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