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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetchnews: Retrieving Body failed, No Response

Eddie Lin wrote:

> I've just recently started using leafnode with great success, but recently,
> I've been unable to pull the bodies of my messages.  I checked my syslog and
> found tons and tons of the following messages:
> Aug 01 14:39:24 hybrid-024-221-137-215 fetchnews[3292]:
> alt.binaries.sounds.mp3: Retrieving body
> <2zGe5.68182$Yr4.1171465@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> failed. No response

This sounds like a problem of your server or an interrupted connection.
Try to do the same thing by hand:

telnet your.news.server nntp
body <2zGe5.68182$Yr4.1171465@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
[should produce lots of uuencoded stuff on your screen]

If the telnet connection (i.e. the server) hangs, you can interrupt it
with Ctrl-] .


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