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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews doesn't do LIST

On Sun, Jul 30, 2000 at 03:52:01PM +0200, Matthias Andree wrote:

> Leafnode is fine, it just cannot get the list of NEW groups, but would
> have to fetch the entire active every now and then. See the

Have you actually bothered to try this?  I can see no reference in
fetchnews to the use of plain LIST, and certainly none in nntpactive()
which only uses LIST NEWSGROUPS and LIST ACTIVE.

Running fetchnews against the server for the first time gives:

| Trying to connect to cipher.wizards.com ... connected.
| Getting all newsgroups from cipher.wizards.com
| Reading all newsgroups failed.

which doesn't look too succesful to me.

> configuration file and set which interval you want between fetching the
> active.

I don't actually want to use this server, I'm just passing on a problem
I saw in a newsgroup.

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