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Re: [leafnode-list] I have had a go (was Basic configuration questions

David Oddie wrote:

> Typing in telnet localhost 119 gives:
> Trying
> Connected to localhost.localdomain.
> Escape character is '^]'.
> Connection closed by foreign host. 
> instead of "200 Leafnode NNTP Deamon, version 1.19.14  running at
> localhost.localdomain" which is what I should expect according to the
> FAQ.

This looks like the tcp wrapper denies you access to leafnode.

You probably put the line


into /etc/hosts.deny. The problem is that your machine is called
"localhost.localdomain", therefore "LOCAL" does not match (see
hosts_access(5) for some rather technical elucidation). It can
be solved by sticking a separate


into /etc/hosts.allow. Then you should be fine.

(You should also see messages like "leafnode[4150]: refused connect from
localhost.localdomain" in some of your logfiles, possibly


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