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[leafnode-list] Basic configuration questions form a Linux Newbie

Hello all,

<resend due to transmission problems>

I have some basic configuration questions regarding the installation
instructions in the install file which I hope you can help with.

Step 1.  type "sh ./configure".  Ok so far!
Step 2. "make" - still going strong.

Step 3. create a "news" user.  First question :- I take it I need a
user called "news"?

Step 4.  Should "make install" be run as "news"?

Step 6. States "Make sure $NNTPSERVER or /etc/nntpserver points to
your own host.................."

I am lost here.  What is my "own host"?  How can I find it out or set
it up should I need to?

Step 7.  I know nothing about cron.  My computer is not left on all
the time so I think I will need to texpire manually or in some other
way such as when I reboot (not every time but periodically if you see
what I mean).  What is the best way to do that?

I also like to keep articles a LONG time.  Is there a way to archive
them away from being "texpire'ed"?

Step 8 running fetchnews.

I don't tend to log as root routinely so I ma not sure how fetchnews
is going to run.  The obvious option is to run it when the connection
to the net is established.

I intend using leafnode to front end the PAN newsreader client.  I
currently have that running under another "normal" user which I use
for internet access, not root or "news".  Should I just dedicate
"news" to internet access and logon as that running fetchnews from
there on connection?

If so how do I get fetchnews to run automatically on connection?

Is this what step 9 is about?

That's it for now.  Thanks in advance.


PS I am running Mandrake 7.0

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