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Re: [leafnode-list] Basic configuration questions form a Linux Newbie

On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 04:29:42PM +0100, David Oddie wrote:

> Step 3. create a "news" user.  First question :- I take it I need a
> user called "news"?


> Step 4.  Should "make install" be run as "news"?

Run it as root.

> Step 6. States "Make sure $NNTPSERVER or /etc/nntpserver points to
> your own host.................."

> I am lost here.  What is my "own host"?  How can I find it out or set
> it up should I need to?

"host" means machine.  All it means is that you should configure your
newsreader to read news from localhost.

> Step 7.  I know nothing about cron.  My computer is not left on all
> the time so I think I will need to texpire manually or in some other
> way such as when I reboot (not every time but periodically if you see
> what I mean).  What is the best way to do that?

If you reboot a lot you could always run texpire at boot time (most
distributions have a script called rc.local somewhere for you to put
this in).  Another way would be to install anacron, a program designed
to ensure cron jobs get run regularly even if the system is down for
some of the time.

> I also like to keep articles a LONG time.  Is there a way to archive
> them away from being "texpire'ed"?

You can configure the expire option in the configuration file 
(/etc/leafnode/config by default).  Set it to some extremely large
number (2^32-1 ought to do the trick).  The script tools/archivefaq.pl
may also be useful.

> If so how do I get fetchnews to run automatically on connection?

If you're using Linux you can call it from /etc/ppp/ip-up (some
distribtions have separate places to put user additions, but there will
probably be comments in the script telling you about them).

> Is this what step 9 is about?

No.  Step 9 is about making sure that Leafnode gets run when your
newsreader tries to connect to it.

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