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Re: [leafnode-list] A new articles problem

Rodrigo Reyes wrote:

>  At that point, when I fetch new news on a newsgroup I have already
>  fetched, fetchnews works correctly, but no new message appears in the
>  news reader.

I have the following hypothesis of what is going on:

I assume you start the new reader immediately after fetchnews has
returned to the prompt. At this time, the overview files are not
yet updated, therefore you still see the old overview files.

If you immediately start the newsreader, it might even be possible
that you corrupt your overview files by having two processes (fetchnews
and the nntpd) trying to create a new overview file.

The problem might be solvable if creating overview files in fetchnews
is completely disabled. However, this will make reading new newsgroups
for the first time very slow because the nntpd has then to create the
overview file itself which can take some time if thousands of articles
have been fetched anew.


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