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Re: [leafnode-list] A new articles problem

Paul Grayson <paul.grayson@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I had a simillar odd problem with the current leafnode this week.
> It seems that every newsgroup from then onwards also contained no new
> messages. Everything new seems to have been deleted. I didn't have much
> time to investigate the problem there and then.
> I can provide info from my log files if needed.

 In my case, it seems that explaining the problem yesterday to the
 list made it mysteriously disappear ! Maybe my computer is just over
 an old indian cemetery (which may seem incredible, as I live in
 France), that would explain such an oddity happening on my
 system. For now it works, so it will be hard to investigate any
 further, but if the problem comes back (maybe for the next moon ?
 :-)) I'll try to give more details.

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