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Re: [leafnode-list] Error Message

On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 10:14:07PM +0200, Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> Mike Castle wrote:
> > Cornelius, I saw you posted a question to a German newsgroup.  What did it
> > say?  :->
> Hm, I guess "they" are after me :-) Anyway, I tried to explain your

*laugh*   I just did a search for "fdopen socket" on deja/usenet.  You were
right there near the top.  I was thinking "Hmmm.... this code looks awfully
familiar...   Oh!"

> problem. More interestingly, I got at least one answer. It says,
> basically, that the fgets() for some reason put a \0 byte into the
> string (or nothing at all) and did not return NULL. This explains
> that the length of the "string" is 0. The guy further asks for the
> output of strace(), ferror() and feof(). I hereby relay this question
> to you :-)

Will do.  I'll try to throw in some pertinent output statements and see
what falls out.

> Could the problem result from a partially hanging connection?

Maybe.  My DSL connection does like to hang for several moments at a time.
But at no point do I remember having noticed that other connections hang at
the same time (ie, telnet session).  On the other hand, I have seem all
connections hang, and fetchnews recover quite correctly.  So I *doubt*
that's the issue.

> > While I suspect it is a strange interaction with glibc we are seeing, I'd
> > like to recommend we check kernel versions too.  I'm running 2.2.15pre15
> > (a little old, but seems "good enough").
> I am running 2.2.16. I will make the patch that you suggest and have
> a look what's happening.

Hmm... Perhaps I'll do an upgrade too.  I've heard so many bad things about
2.2.16, though, and I don't think the IDE patches are up to speed with the
2.2.17 stuff.  Ugh.

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