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Re: [leafnode-list] Error Message

Mike Castle wrote:

> Cornelius, I saw you posted a question to a German newsgroup.  What did it
> say?  :->

Hm, I guess "they" are after me :-) Anyway, I tried to explain your
problem. More interestingly, I got at least one answer. It says,
basically, that the fgets() for some reason put a \0 byte into the
string (or nothing at all) and did not return NULL. This explains
that the length of the "string" is 0. The guy further asks for the
output of strace(), ferror() and feof(). I hereby relay this question
to you :-)

Could the problem result from a partially hanging connection?


> While I suspect it is a strange interaction with glibc we are seeing, I'd
> like to recommend we check kernel versions too.  I'm running 2.2.15pre15
> (a little old, but seems "good enough").

I am running 2.2.16. I will make the patch that you suggest and have
a look what's happening.


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