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[leafnode-list] leafnode and Gnus

I use Gnus 5.8.7 and leafnode 1.9.14, and I have trouble actually
reading the correct articles. I am using delaybody, and I think this
is what is causing the problem. I have tried disabling the cache in
Gnus (using (setq gnus-use-cache nil)), but that doesn't help.

Most of the time when I go to read an article that has been fetched I
either end up reading a different article (the header and body don't
match) or else I get a message telling me that the article will be
fetched the next time.

These problems probably have to do with the rewriting of the article
ID's (as I have mentioned in a previous mail), and I have looked at
the source for fetchnews, but I couldn't find the place where this is
altered. If anyone can point me in the right direction I might be able
to something about this myself.

It would really help a lot, if there was added a feature to disable
this ID rewriting (it could be specified as an option in
leafnode.conf). Otherwise I would like to hear if other people use
leafnode with delaybody together with Gnus.

Debugging is anticipated with distaste,
performed with reluctance,
and bragged about forever. 

		--- Mads Villadsen

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