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Re: [leafnode-list] Filtering no wildcards?

Stefan Inhofer wrote:

> i have leafnode and have written some lines in
> /etc/leafnode/filters
> it is
> Newsgroups:.*[, ]alt.*

This will cause fetchnews to reject all articles containing some
newsgroup in the alt.* hierarchy. There is no need to invoke
applyfilter for that.

> but when i say
> applyfilter -v alt.*
> he says no such group.
> how can i filter out all alt.* NG s?

applyfilter is a program which applies the contents of the filterfile
to a specific newsgroup which has already been downloaded. I.e. if you
don't download alt.* newsgroups, you don't have to invoke applyfilter.

applyfilter can take only one newsgroup as a parameter; it does not
accept wildcards.

(Thinking about it, since the format of the filterfile will change in
 Leafnode 2.x - making it possible to make filterfile settings for
 specific newsgroups only - it seems to make no sense to keep the 
 newsgroups parameter in applyfilter. Any comments?)



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