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Re: [leafnode-list] interrupted downloads

Mike Castle wrote:
> When a post is being downloaded, it seems to go into message.id/### while
> it's being downloaded, and then linked in afterwards (well, maybe the
> linking occurs after the open, but either way, the entry exists in
> message.id fist).
> Unfortunately, if you c-C fetchnews (say, because something else is going
> wrong and you know you need to reboot), the incomplete entry stays in
> message.id/### and is never completely downloaded.
> I'd like to see it download the post first into message.id/download then
> rename it to message.id/###/<blah@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, then link in the article
> numbers linked in afterwards.
> Is this feasible with the current architecture?  If desired, I can dig in
> and see about making the change, but perhaps Cornelius could make it
> faster?

By the way, c-C seems to work for you under linux :o)

This is certainly feasible but there are other useful things to implement in
the fetchnews process !
You don't use c-C every time...

So here is a work-around:
1/ find the article number partially downloaded.
(use ls -lt|head for example or the debug trace if there is one)
2/ delete this article.
(if there is more than two hard links you have to delete the others) 
3/ run texpire. This program will find and delete the file:   
message.id/###/<blah@xxxxxxxxxxxx> previously hard linked with the article.
4/ then fetchnews should be able to get the incriminated article again.

For your information, if the process stops for another raison (e.g. power
failure, ... )
the *only* thing to do to be able to access newly stored articles is to update
the high water marks in the file groupinfo. 
And the only way to do that well (for the moment) is also to run texpire.

AFAIK, Overview update will be done if necessary by the leafnode process when
receiving the command XOVER.

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