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[leafnode-list] groupname-based filtering

Merry X-mas!

I have set up a small news server for an ISP (approx 300 customers)
using leafnode. Since we only want to provide a subset of all
available groups I have implemented groupname filtering based on the
headerfiltering. Patch is attached.

It is only a very limited approach. Especially(sp?) it does not
recognize the case when new filters are added. to activate filters
after the initial setup, fetchnews -f must be run. The filtered news
directories will NOT be deleted.

It hooks into activeutil::insertgroup() and rejects the group if the
filter match. I hope this doesn't break anything else (like doing a
mergegroups afterwards) but I am not familiar with the code.

Regards, David
The real problem with POSIX [was] overgeneralization. When you are
doing an extention to an OS standard that doesn't even specify the
memory model, it is hard to not overgeneralize. 
	-- Marty Fouts on linux-kernel

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