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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode-1.9.18ma1 available

Lloyd Zusman <ljz@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> .. and enclosed is the patch to `configure'.  You can find it at the
> bottom of this message.  The similar patch to `configure.in' is left
> as an exercise for the reader. :)

Well :-)

> Also ... in this `leafnode-1.9.18ma1' version, the `pcre' subdirectory
> is missing from the tarball.  I copied the `pcre' directory from the
> corresponding `leafnode-1.9.18' version (i.e., the non-"ma" version),
> but the Makefile in the "ma" version doesn't like the structure of the
> non-"ma" `pcre' directory.

Just install PCRE on its own, i. e. unpack it, configure it, compile it,
install it. It's easier than a first-time leafnode installation. Some
systems may require an additional ldconfig after installation. After you
installed PCRE, remove config.cache and run ./configure again in
leafnode's directory. 

> And finally, the "ma" version's Makefile has gmake dependencies.  I
> recommend that these be removed and that this Makefile be "dumbed
> down" to only use the basic, common features available in all versions
> of make.  This is the de facto standard for almost all the other
> software in the world that's distributed with autoconf-based
> configuration.

The ma version uses automake. I'm not aware that automake depends on GNU
make, I'll however take a look and see where these GNU-isms come from
and if they are generated by automake or originate in my Makefile.am. 

I will have FreeBSD 4.2 back up and running in a couple of hours, but I
can't promise I'll manage to look after this before Dec. 27th.

Thanks for your feedback.

Matthias Andree

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