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Re: [leafnode-list] compile problem leafnode-2.0b5

Kaspar Klingholz wrote:

> when compiling 2.0b5 on kernel 2.0.36 (suse 5.2) i get the following
> error:
> gcc -c -g -O2 -I. -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes
> -Wmissing-prototypes -g ./nntpd.c
> /nntpd.c: In function `main':
> /nntpd.c:1813: `socklen_t' undeclared (first use this function)
> /nntpd.c:1813: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
> /nntpd.c:1813: for each function it appears in.)
> /nntpd.c:1813: parse error before `fodder'
> /nntpd.c:1877: `fodder' undeclared (first use this function)
> make: *** [nntpd.o] Error 1

On my system, socklen_t is defined in /usr/include/bits/socket.h
which is included by /usr/include/sys/socket.h which is included
by nntpd.c. The definition is

typedef unsigned int socklen_t;

therefore, if you declare the variable "fodder" as "unsigned int"
instead of "socklen_t", you should be fine.

Thanks for the notification; configure should work around this.


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