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Re: [leafnode-list] [1.9.*][2.0b*] Bug

Matthias Andree wrote:

> Actually, fetchnews is supposed to try to post the article to all
> servers to overcome bad propagation, however, if any server already has
> the Message-ID of the article to be posted, the article is killed
> (unlinked). So, imagine a setup with three servers:
> #1 
> #2 is fed by #1 over a FAST link (such as fu-berlin <-> uni-dortmund)
> #3 suffers from propagation problems, and is not fed directly by #1.
> Now, leafnode posts on #1, #2 virtually immediately also has the
> article. leafnode tries #2, the article is already there, leafnode
> unlinks the article. #3 never sees it. It would however see it if the
> #1->#2 propagation was slower or #3 would be tried before #2.
> This is nonsense.


If #1 is (for some reason) not reliably connected to the network, it
will not propagate the article. In that case, posting over #2 (and
possibly #3) will ensure propagation of the article.

If the article is on #2 already, it can be safely unlinked since it
has been propagated over the network.

If, in the above scenario, #3 never sees the article, it won't see
a lot of other articles either. Better get a decent feed.

I won't discuss "readability of code" since this is often a matter
of taste. I have, however, observed that more recent ma* versions
fix bugs that have been introduced in earlier ma* versions and
were not present in the original 2.0beta versions (e.g. the fix
for checkforpostings() in 2.0b5ma8).

I am currently trying to syncronize 2.0b6 with 2.0b5ma6. This will
need a while; sorry for any delays.


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