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Re: [leafnode-list] Demon News Servers

> > Does leafnode handle (and if so, how) the annoying habit that 
> > Demon have of creating articles "out of order"?
> I am not sure what that means? Do you mean that Demon manages to
> create, for example, articles 1, 4 and 5 and later (i.e. after
> the next leafnode run) fills the gap with 2 and 3? If yes, I
> must say that Leafnode cannot handle this.

That's (as I understand it) exactly what it does. That would explain 
why I have been missing posts.

OK, one solution which springs to mind is to add another news 
server which carries the non-demon groups I want. If I understand 
correctly, I can add this server after the Demon server, and 
leafnode will get any messages from the second server that aren't 
caught by the download from Demon? 

If that's right, does anyone know of a good, free, server which 
carries alt.* (not binaries) & uk.*?

> Sorry,

Not your fault, Demon have obviously been doing this for some 
time, the INI file entry in Agent to switch on this behaviour is 
"DemonDoThis" <grin>


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