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[leafnode-list] Request for comments: fetchnews posting and deleting behaviour (was: Problems with posting)

Stefan Wiens <s.wi@xxxxxxx> writes:

> If this happens, fetchnews deletes the articles from out.going/
> although they haven't been successfully posted. Because fetchnews
> links to failed.postings/ only after an error reply from
> the server, all unsent articles get lost.

The whole delposted crap is broken. 

I'm fixing this for _ma8 by removing the delposted callee function and
callers. An article can be deleted if it has been successfully posted on
any server, that way, only articles that have been posted successfully
will ever be deleted. As a side effect, failed.postings can be removed.

If we want the article to be posted to multiple servers, we'd better use
per-server out.going directories which we collect hard links in, and as
soon as the article has been posted successfully on a particular server,
that hard link will be removed, the article will go away only after
texpire has run AND it has been posted to all servers.

We could of course keep failed.postings and move articles older than the
group's respective expire time there to keep dead bodies away from
out.going/some.server as soon as they start to rot away.


Matthias Andree

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