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Re: [leafnode-list] Newbie Question

Matthias Andree wrote:

> Plus, I saw you implemented XHDR as default when filtering (which I
> heared once I had fetchnews pull from INN), why did you do that? Why is
> not XOVER the default?

Oops? As far as I can see, it's XHDR when NOT filtering (because in
this case, only the message id's have to be transmitted) and XOVER
for everything else (including delaybody). Since I intend to ship
leafnode with a default filter setting maxage for all groups, it will
be XOVER by default and only XHDR if filtering is switched off explicitely.

At least on my machine with the following filter file

# Filter file for leafnode, a Unix news server

newsgroups = *
maxage = 5
action = kill

newsgroups = *
pattern = ^Message-ID:.*@telenews\.teleline\.es\>$
action = kill

# avoid killing anything in de.admin.news.groups, even if crossposted
# to a gazillion of other groups
newsgroups = de.admin.news.groups
pattern = .*
action = keep

# evil crossposts 26Jan
newsgroups = alt.religion.scientology
pattern = ^Newsgroups:.*[ ,]alt.fan.karl-malden.nose
action = kill

# unification x-postings 16Nov
newsgroups = alt.religion.scientology
pattern = ^Newsgroups:.*[ ,]alt.religion.unification
action = kill

# stupid x-postings again 15Oct
pattern = ^Newsgroups:.*[ ,]alt.politics.white-power
action = kill

# stupid crosspostings from christnet
pattern = ^Newsgroups:.*[ ,]alt\.christnet
action = kill

fetchnews uses XOVER for all groups.


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