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[leafnode-list] PLEASE let us switch to some automatic Makefile generator

Dear reader,

this is being a sort of open letter to Cornelius.

After I had released 2.0b5-ma1, I have been debugging "Makefile.in", and
it has more than one problem that automake would have avoided, e. g.: 

1. If leafnode is under CVS, make dist fails.
2. If make dist fails, a subsequent make dist aborts.
3. The "install" target does not depend on rnews, but tries to install it.
4. All object files (.o) had explicit rules.
5. Make dist requires subsequent ./configure.

Let us please seriously consider throwing Makefile.in down the drain and
replacing it with Makefile.am and automake to get rid of these
problems. NONE of the problems mentioned above would persist after we
switch to Makefile.am. I'll do the work, it's quite easy, and it works
as the users of 1.9.17ma3 have experienced.

The current Makefile.in is a mess, duplicating unnecessary rules,
missing dependencies and so on. It works somehow, but it's a reliability
and maintenance disaster. It grows without concept.

Suggestions for alternatives to automake, possibly comprising autoconf
are welcome from everybody, as are constructive comments.

Does anybody here have experience with Cook (to replace make) or Aegis
(to replace CVS)? 

Any further suggestions for FREE make/automake/autoconf replacements?

Matthias Andree

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