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Re: Re[2]: [leafnode-list] Multiple Newsservers Collision

Alex Doengi <doengi@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> What is the problem with that?  I use 3-4 different servers and it works
>> great.  With multiple servers, you have a better chance of your message
>> getting out to more servers faster, and getting a reply, if that is what you
>> are after.
> it's not a real problem - I'm only a bit 'scared' since in verbose
> mode leafnode complains that the message-id already exists when trying
> to post it to the 2nd, 3rd...server.

Before posting, fetchnews first checks if the upstream already has the
article. Without this check, the entire article would be transmitted

Fetchnews' "complaints" indicate that your upstreams do propagate your
articles very quickly. Otherwise, propagation of your articles would
be improved by posting to multiple upstrem servers.


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