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[leafnode-list] strabge behaviour with local group

I'm trying leafnode 2.0b5 on a linux/slackware7.0 with Netscape 4.7.
I came on a strange behaviour while working with local groups.
After creating a new local group, I had to refresh my list of newsgroup
to see it inside. Nothing special here.
But when I've tried to see the content of this newsgroup I got this
message :
newsgroup server responded: No such article: 1
Perhaps the article has expired
<leafnode.justatest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (1)
Click here to remove all expired articles

Instead of :

<! --
This server is running leafnode, which is a dynamic NNTP proxy.
This means that it does not retrieve newsgroups unless someone is
actively reading them....
for groups goming from stream.
When I tried to send some news to this group, I wasn't able to see
anything else in news reader than the error message.
I've tried to look in the spool area for my newsgroup : nothing !
Has somebody ever seen this ?
Thanks for any help.

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