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[leafnode-list] Leafwa-0.4.3 released

I have just released Leafwa version 0.4.3.

Leafwa is a web-based administration package for Leafnode.

Leafwa allows the user to view which newsgroups Leafnode is reading news
from, to manually subscribe to and unsubscribe from newsgroups, and to
view and edit the list of unsent messages waiting to be uploaded to the
remote news server.

New features in 0.4.3:

   * New default for monospacing of messages in news queue
   * Displays Leafnode version number
   * Various bugs fixed; code tidied up
   * Tested with PHP 4.0.2, Leafnode 2.0b1 (beta release 1)

Leafwa is available from:

Leafwa is licenced under the GNU GPL.

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