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[leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE] leafnode-2.0b3

I have just released leafnode-2.0b3. It contains a nice snprintf and
vsnprintf, both courtesy of Theo de Raadt (and discovered by Joerg
Dietrich in KDE 2.0). As a beginning, I put (v)snprintf and strdup
into files separate from miscutil.c; this trend to split up source
files may continue in further beta versions :-)

Furthermore, fetchnews is now able to fetch news from several news
servers sitting on different ports of the same machine. This was
not properly supported up to now. I also incorporated some more
code from the 1.9.17ma3 version. In addition, local groups should
not display pseudoarticles any more.

The new beta version is available from
Please do not distribute this version.

This is a beta version. If you want to work with software that is
virtually bug-free, leave it alone. If you don't want to track down
down bugs, leave it alone. It is not unlikely to fail (that's why
it is a beta version). Before you try it, back up your configuration
files, in case you want to switch back to 1.x. Read the documentation
(contained in the much-expanded README file), although it is incomplete.

I am trying to summarize the problems with this version:
- The documentation is still incomplete. Most notably, the README
  misses sections 4.1 and 4.2, and the TODO is partially in German.
- fetchnews sometimes coredumps on fixxover() (reported by Joerg
- The AUTHINFO support for the nntpd is incomplete and needs fixing.
- Texpire currently doesn't seem to do any threading. Joerg has
  promised to look into this :-)
- The timeout code for fetchnews sucks big time. As a result, fetchnews
  doesn't handle timeouts properly or not at all.
- if HAVE_SNPRINTF and HAVE_VSNPRINTF are undefined, compiling vsnprintf.c
  generates two warnings.
- if HAVE_STRDUP is undefined, strdup.c doesn't compile. It throws
  around a lot of very odd error messages, and I don't know why.
- I did not yet incorporate Joerg's patch for moderated groups due
  to lack of time.
- nntpd cannot report which host connected to it if compiled with IPV6.
  The reason for that is that I have absolutely no documentation
  for IPV6.
- When filtering, "maxage" may not work. I did not investigate this
  closely yet.
- If no Xref: is included into XOVER line of a remote server, fetchnews
  will probably still coredump. Not investigated yet because of lack of
I might have forgotten the one or other problem, but it's time to
leave this place for the weekend :-9

As usual, if you spot problems (or if you can help me with one of the
problems above), please mail me or to the list. Thank you to all the
beta testers who dared to use this version :-)


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