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Re: [leafnode-list] How often should I run texpire?

David Marsh wrote:

> My machine is not switched on constantly, but I have switched the system
> daily/weekly/monthly cron jobs to run at times when the system is usually
> on (after dinner ;-).
> I am not sure whether I need to include a cron job to run 'texpire' or does
> leafnode somehow determine when to run texpire for itself?

Leafnode does not determine when to run texpire. Therefore you should
run it by yourself.

> However, it appears that there is a downside to running texpire: although
> long-dead threads are (presumably) deleted and gone for good, many *old* and
> read/skipped articles in long-lasting threads come back into view again 
> in slrn after I run texpire!

I am quite surprised to hear that. I have never encountered this
behaviour (using tin as a newsreader and running texpire daily at

Be also aware that texpire, in contrast to its documentated behaviour,
does not delete only whole threads but will also delete old articles
in threads that are still existing.


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