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[leafnode-list] How often should I run texpire?

I run leafnode (currently running 1.9.17) on my FreeBSD box (version
3.5-STABLE, at least until I upgrade..), where I read news with slrn 

My machine is not switched on constantly, but I have switched the system
daily/weekly/monthly cron jobs to run at times when the system is usually
on (after dinner ;-).

I am not sure whether I need to include a cron job to run 'texpire' or does
leafnode somehow determine when to run texpire for itself?

Up until now, I have been manually running texpire every month or so (when
I remember), usually when my /var partition starts getting too full.

However, it appears that there is a downside to running texpire: although
long-dead threads are (presumably) deleted and gone for good, many *old* and
read/skipped articles in long-lasting threads come back into view again 
in slrn after I run texpire!

This is obviously particularly annoying: as I am sure everybody knows, many
threads can last a month or more, and it is very irritating to have
followed a thread, tried to keep up with its progress, marked-read and
forgotten about the dozens or hundreds of old articles that have been
posted in the thread - only for them to reappear all over again! :-(

A possible solution, I suppose, would be for me to only run texpire very
intermittently, perhaps once every few months, but I not only don't have
the diskspace to support such a large newsspool, but also, the nature of
threads is such that while this is a sufficiently long interval to be
fairly sure than an "old" thread which has died of natural causes and which
I no longer read (as there are no more articles) will vanish, there is
bound to be at least one other thread "in progress" when I do the
less-frequent texpire, and, so, all the old articles from that thread will
appear once again!! :-(

Can anybody offer any advice as to the best way to avoid this problem?


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