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[leafnode-list] allow / deny certain groups

A year ago I considered installing INN as a local news server for a small
firm. Only need was to download a few newsgroups - directly related to
work - and to disallow all other groups. However INN is a big beast and I
really didn't have the knowledge to get me started nor the energy to read
through large amounts of documentation - so I eventually abandonded the
idea. Yesterday I installed leafnode 1.xx for the first time ... and in less
than an hour I was up and running. Congrats ... leafnode IS easy to
configure and maintain!!!

And now to a few questions.

Has leafnode+ and leafnode merged ?

Is it possible to restrict the groups that will be downloaded ? I only want
to read a few groups - and disallow all other groups. This is to be
implemented in a company and only work-related groups is allowed. Maybe I
could install two leafnode's. The first has access to external news servers
and client access is only allowed by administrative staff. The second has
access to the first leafnode and client access is allowed by anyone. However
it would be nice if an allow/deny feature was built into leafnode. Any
suggestions ?

How do I setup local news groups ?

Thanks in advance


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