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[leafnode-list] Idea: Aliases for sender

Hi there,

while setting up Leafnode on my system recently, an idea came to my mind
that I'd like to discuss here:

Wouldn't a function that allows 'aliases' for the sender / reply-to
attributes be useful ?

Short explanation: before sending news articles to other servers, the
specified sender name would be checked and, if necessary modified.

examples for possible usages: 

- 'user@xxxxxxxxxxx' would become 'user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
- 'user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' would become 'anotherid@xxxxxxxxxxx' for
those of us using a freemail provider to prevent spam.
- 'spammer@xxxxxxxxxxxx' could be stopped from delivery ( for those local users,
that specify an illegal user / domain information in their news reader ).
- 'anyuser@xxxxxxxxxxx' would become 'trashcan@xxxxxxxxxxx' to collect all
spam in one place.

I think you get the idea. This function might help to prevent spam coming
in from the Internet or going out from a local user ( at least nobody
could do that anonomously <sp?> ). 

What do you think ? I'd be willing to spend some time on that if it's
worth it. Is other software available that provides this functionality ? A
quick solution would be a short script that is run before 'fetchnews', but
building it into leafnode might be more useful and easy to administer.


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