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[leafnode-list] RELEASE: leafnode-1.9.17ma3

I am announcing leafnode-1.9.17ma3 (stable beta).




I consider this stable, it works for me, it compiles on SuSE Linux
6.4/x86 and Solaris 7/usparc64 (I did not test it on Solaris 7, though.)


Most important fixes are the getaline() reimplementation and ngmatch()
fixes as well as the new XOVER feature in fetchnews.

leafnode-1.9.17ma3 is much more easily maintainable, it generates .lsm
on its own and makes better use of autoconf, it uses automake, internal
changes result in less unnecessary functions linked into. Cleaned up,
fixed a lot of small issues and warnings. Put some getaline() tests in. 

It supports GNU-automake-style VPATH builds, you can build outside the
source directory, at least if you have PCRE pre-installed. You can do:

        mkdir /net/share/leafnode-x86
        cd /net/share/leafnode-x86
        ../leafnode-1.9.17ma3/configure [your options here] && make

and on a different machine, do the same thing e. g. for sparc or m68k.


Please see if it works for you, and if it's slow on machines without GNU
libc 6. If you report any feedback on the speed, *please* give the
upstream server type and name and if you're referring to the
"considering" or the "fetching" phases. You may try to break test1 (do
make check to get that compiles) running it on all kinds of stuff.


Cornelius, please see if you want to make it 1.9.18 or if you want more
extensive testing before this or tell me what your objections are.


Since I have been asked, it's not using LIST OVERVIEW.FMT since it's not
using any of the optional parameters, and the order of the mandatory
parameters is well-defined. Plus, there are rumours from Urs Janßen that
OVERVIEW.FMT is not going to make it into the final Common NNTP
extensions RFC.


2000-09-11  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

	* genlsm.sh.in: generates lsm file automatically
	* xoverutil.c: switch to mysyslog and remove mkstemp #ifdefs (now
	handled by autoconf)

	* testgen.c: testcase generator.

	* test1.c: getaline tester.

	* t/: new directory, has test cases for getaline.

	* syslog.c (myopenlog): new function to remove #ifdefs from
	program files. Encapsulate system differences in this file.

	* quickmkdir.c: installation helper tool. 

	* nntpd.c: replace fgets by getaline, fix article number variables
	types to unsigned long, switch to myopenlog.
	* miscutil.c: remove snprintf, change xfirst/xlast to unsigned
	long, split critmalloc/critrealloc, strdup, snprintf off, add
	verbose>3-debug to makedir, delete getaline function (too complex,
	yet buggy), fix ngmatch not recognizing * and [ as wildcards.

	* makerpm.sh: removed file
	* leafnode.spec.in: have leafnode.spec built by autoconf

	* leafnode.h: cleanup, support for critmem.h and prototypes for
	new and replacement functions, change xfirst/xlast to unsigned long

	* getline.c: new implementation from scratch for systems without
	GNU libc 6. GPL. Uses getc currently.

	* getaline.c: new implementation from scratch, uses getline,
	GPL. Rock solid. Will not break on \0. Does not change \0 to space
	(waste of time, if an article has \0, it's broken, don't try to

	* fetchnews.c: fix constants to PATH_MAX, support XOVER, work
	around %y strftime compiler warning, switch to myopenlog

	* doc_german: remove old documentation. outdated.
	* critmem.c: split functions off miscutil.c

	* critmem.h: new file

	* configutil.c: change libdir to sysconfdir

	* configure.in: adjust to automake, put -lpcre into PCRELIB rather
	than LIBS, use AC_REPLACE_FUNCS for snprintf strdup mkstemp and
	getline, support --with-spooldir, change --with-confdir to
	override sysconfdir, support --with-lockfile, check rpm build
	directory, add man pages to AC_OUTPUT, echo help message after

	* applyfilter.c: fix article counter type to unsigned long, switch
	to myopenlog

        * man pages: insert proper paths by autoconf
	* activutil.c (readactive): fix type of n to ssize_t

	* acconfig.h: new #defines: SPOOLDIR, LOCKFILE, HAVE_GETLINE

	* PCRE_README: new documentation

	* Makefile.am: switch to automake

	* INSTALL: Updated and revised. Removed section on %y yielding
	only last 2 digits of year.

2000-09-06  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

	* configure.in: link pcre library only to those executables that
	need it
	(confdir): make confdir override sysconfdir with appropriate warnings.

	* miscutil.c (ngmatch): fix bad logic in finding wildcard characters
	(snprintf): change i to type size_t (was int)

Matthias Andree

                Where do you think you're going today?

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