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Re: [leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE] leafnode-1.9.17 released

Matthias Andree wrote:

> Major changes versus leafnode 1.9.17:
> - fetchnews knows the XOVER command which is a lot faster than XHDR, at
>   least on INN servers

BTW, do you have any reasonable explanation for this oddity? I have
noticed this as well when playing around with the 2.0 versions (I
think it was Joerg Dietrich who might have alerted me to it). Given
that an XOVER command leads to much more information being
transmitted, this strikes me as quite odd. The only explanation
I have (being utterly unfamiliar with INN) is that the XOVER
information is somehow cached in memory whereas the XHDR information
is being retrieved from the article files.


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