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Re: [leafnode-list] filterfile

Ross Slade wrote:

> Am I correct in my belief the line below should filter all messages from this
> individual in ANY newsgroup?
> ^From:.*rod_speed\@yahoo\.com.*[, ].*

I don't think the @ sign should be escaped. Furthermore, the regexp does
not automatically bind to the end of a line, therefore you can omit the
final .* . The following should work:


If you want to test regular expressions, there is a program "pcretest"
in the pcre subdirectory which is unfortunately not built during the
"make" process. You can build it by

cd pcre
make pcretest

It will first ask you for a regular expression which you have to
include in //, so type


and then ask for texts to be matched against this expression. End
with Ctrl-D.

And yes, a problem with the current implementation of filter files in
leafnode is that any regexp applies to any newsgroup.

> Is it ok to post a debug file attachment to the list (~20k in  size)?

I don't see any problems with that.


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