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[leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE] leafnode-1.9.17 released

I have just released leafnode-1.9.17. It contains some cosmetic adjustments
as well as a few "real" bugfixes. Most notably

- the getaline() problems should finally be fixed
- texpire will no longer crash if the groupinfo file doesn't exist
- the timezone problems with new newsgroups shouldn't exist any longer
- xhdr [header] <message-id> now works correctly

Enjoy, and as usual, don't hesitate to contact the list if you run into

/* Cornelius Krasel, U Wuerzburg, Dept. of Pharmacology, Versbacher Str. 9 */
/* D-97078 Wuerzburg, Germany   email: phak004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  SP4 */
/* "Science is the game we play with God to find out what His rules are."  */

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