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[leafnode-list] ANNOUNCE: leafnode 1.9.16ma2 SUPPORTS XOVER, MUCH FASTER


I'm announcing leafnode 1.9.16ma2 (experimental beta) which has:

- *NEW* support for XOVER (speeds up fetchnews big time)

- the latest fix-SuperNews getaline() bug fixes 
- various small bug fixes 
- better support for RPM builds (the distribution set up .spec 
  with autoconf) 
- proper paths in man pages (from autoconf)
- uses automake for better maintainability.

IMPORTANT: leafnode 1.9.16ma2 does not currently incorporate pcre (which
is twice as big as leafnode itself anyhow), so you will have to download
and build pcre separately before you can build leafnode.

*WARNING* - Don't use that on production machines, it's a test version!

Some Linux distributions come with pcre pre-installed (recent SuSE do).

Home page and more detailed info 


and since home.pages.de is currently somewhat slow and unreliable, that
site is *currently* linked to:


Matthias Andree

                Where do you think you're going today?

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