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[leafnode-list] 2.0b status


1) "fetchnews -N" doesn't work. Reported by Juergen Salk <juergen.salk@xxxxxx>.

2) "fetchnews -S -M" led me once into an endless loop after the article
   had been fetched for the first time. This possibly happens only if
   the group is not marked "interesting". In that case, you can also
   see some interesting buffer overflows in the Xref: header.

3) If a newsgroup occurs twice in an article header, the article is also
   stored twice. Reported by Peter Holm <peter.holm@xxxxxx>.

4) The documentation is still incomplete. Most notably, the README misses
   section 4.2 ("the filter file").

5) The timeout code for fetchnews still sucks (it has not been changed).

6) vsnprintf.c generates two warnings if both HAVE_SNPRINTF and HAVE_VSNPRINTF
   are undefined.

7) Moderated groups are still not handled very well. Postings show up
   on the server unmoderated; postings to local moderated groups don't
   go to the moderators.

8) The groupinfo file is apparently not always updated properly. When
   I subscribed to de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology, I could not read
   any of the 300something new articles because they turned not up in
   the groupinfo file.

9) If the complete grouplist is retrieved from a new server, the
   new groups are not shown as new. Reported by Stefan Wiens
   <s.wi@xxxxxxx>. Therefore some newsreaders (netscape, slrn) do
   not find the group because they cache the list.

10) If the connection is not successful or interrupted, fetchnews
    often hangs. If it receives a SIGINT then, it does not update
    the groupinfo file.

11) Control messages are shown as well.

12) nntpd: postings in non-existent newsgroups are happily accepted
    with 240. I have no idea what happens to them afterwards -
    probably they get lost. (11Jan01)

13) The nntpd should include a Lines: header if there isn't one.

14) fetchnews may coredump on incorrect config files (i.e. if "kill"
    was specified before "action" and "initialfetch" is set). Not
    reproducible. Reported by Stefan Foerster
    <foerstes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on 15 Jan 2001.

15) fetchnews is unable to kill on header information which is not
    present in the XOVER record (22 Jan 2001). Why?

16) delaybody mode does not work. Reported by Juergen Salk.

17) If a group is marked "interesting", it will go into the groupinfo file
    during "fetchnews -f" even though it might not exist on the upstream
    server any more. Reported by Udo Konstantin <Udo.Konstantin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
    on 30 Jan 2001.

18) Groups that are not in the active file will never be deleted by
    texpire. Is this a bug or a feature?

19) 120101: Wilhelm Meier <meier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> & Stefan Wiens:
            GROUP bla.bla
            POST into bla.bla
            the new posting doesn't show up. If a GROUP is inserted
            before the XOVER command, it works.

20) When expiring the last article from a local group, the counters
    are apparently still reset to 1.


1) "make dist" fails at the moment when compressing the tarballs. I
   have no idea why.

	This is apparently a local problem and not reproducible by

2) strdup.c doesn't compile and throws around a lot of odd error messages.
	This may be a local problem. It does not occur when the
	#include <string.h> line is commented out.

3) Articles are possibly lost when incorrectly linked (i.e. if
   /var/spool/news/message.id/xxx/<bla@fasel> is already present
   but /var/spool/news/name/of/group/nnnnn is not).

4) Memory leak in nntpd?

5) If storing local groups, the articles is not stored in
   /var/spool/news/message.id/nnn if "nnn" does not exist. First reported
   by Dennis W. Bulgrien <dbulgrien@xxxxxxxx> on 23 Jan 2001.
   This problem should be fixed with 2.0b9.


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