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Re: [leafnode-list] Problem in leafnode 2.0b8

Thomas Kosch wrote:

> at the moment I´m testing leafnode2.0b8. Yesterday the connect to the
> upstream-server failed. The article who was standing in
> outgoing.articles was send to nirwana.
> Today I try this again. I wrote an article, closed the connection to
> my isp and run fetchnews and the article was never seen.

This is a known bug. fetchnews will lose out.going articles if the
connection is lost during posting.

I was thinking of removing delposted() altogether and deleting things
in out.going only on the next run (after having checked that the
posting has successfully been transferred to the upstream server).
However, this would probably fail if the posting was canceled or
superseded upstream before the next run, therefore it is probably
not a good idea.


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