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Re: [leafnode-list] Still fighting with delaybody mode

Juergen Salk <juergen.salk@xxxxxx> writes:

> I'm still having some problems with delaybody mode in
> leafnode-2.0b8.
> After some tweaking, I've managed to be able to download 
> marked articles, but for some reason, the msgids of articles 
> that were successfully downloaded, are always written back to 
> the corresponding group files in the interesting.groups 
> directory. So subsequent fetchnews runs will download 
> additional copies of these articles.

ARTICLE <status-23.01.2001@xxxxxxx>
220 0 article <status-23.01.2001@xxxxxxx>
getarticle() returns the article number, which is 0 when requesting by
message-ID. This makes getmarked() think something went wrong, so it
writes the message-ID back to interesting.groups.

This flaw is not easily fixed, because getmarked() has no other way to
check if the article was downloaded successfully.

Another problem of the current implementation is that an article which
is not available on any upstream server (expired/canceled) will never
be removed from the list.


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