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[leafnode-list] Still fighting with delaybody mode

I'm still having some problems with delaybody mode in
After some tweaking, I've managed to be able to download 
marked articles, but for some reason, the msgids of articles 
that were successfully downloaded, are always written back to 
the corresponding group files in the interesting.groups 
directory. So subsequent fetchnews runs will download 
additional copies of these articles.

Maybe I'm totally wrong, but I'm getting the vague feeling 
that there are some memory allocation failures.

I do not know, if this is related to that, but I've noticed
that when building leafnode, getline.c gets not compiled. So
getaline is actually calling the glibc version of getline().
Is this by intention or does the current getaline() depend on
the getline replacement that comes with the leafnode sources?

Anyway, in my understanding, glibc getline allocates initial 
buffer only if *buf is set to a null pointer and *size to zero 
before the call, which is both not the case in getaline(). 
Or am I missing something? :-/

Regards - Juergen.    

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