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[leafnode-list] fetchnews verbosity output


I had a "problem" with fetchnews these days:

I tried a new upstream-server and got no news.
-vv produces the following output:

Thu Jan 25 12:10:10 CET 2001
1.9.18ma1: verbosity level is 2
Trying to connect to california.uncensored-news.com ... connected.
Getting new newsgroups from california.uncensored-news.com
Read server info from
news.groups: considering articles 130386-131439
XOVER failed, trying XHDR
alt.comp.mail.qmail: considering articles 414-467
XOVER failed, trying XHDR
comp.unix.unixware.announce: considering articles 44-44
XOVER failed, trying XHDR
sci.astro.seti: considering articles 24109-24966
XOVER failed, trying XHDR
Disconnected from california.uncensored-news.com.

I tried -vvvv, but same output

My first idea was, that there is a problem with XHDR, but reality is
much easier:

A debuglog showed a permission denied for the groups :-(

Just an idea: 
It would save some time, if "fatal" problems like "permission denied"
could be logged in normal output.

Stefan Bauer

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