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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews fails to download bodies

Matthias Andree <ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Stefan Wiens <s.wi@xxxxxxx> writes:
>> $ diff fetchnews.c.orig fetchnews.c
> Would you mind using diff -u or diff -c? Easier to read for humans, the
> -u in particular.

In general, I agree with you. However, that particular "patch" wasn't
intended to be actually applied, but to point at two lines which lead
to problems. I think the final changes should be made elsewhere, so
context would have been of little use.

I could also have written lengthy explanations, like:

- fetchnews creates pseudoarticles with a dummy body, which prevents
  leafnode from recognizing it as a pseudoarticle,

- when retrieving marked-for-download articles, fetchnews fails to
  store them because it does not force overwriting the existing

but I was too lazy. ;-)


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