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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews fails to download bodies

Juergen Salk <juergen.salk@xxxxxx> writes:

> * Juergen Salk <juergen.salk@xxxxxx> [010122 09:12]:
>> Fetchnews seems to be able to download the headers only
>> but not the bodies that are marked for retrieval.
>>From what I've seen so far, the problem is actually not (only) 
> caused by fetchnews. Rather than nntpd doesn't seem to mark articles 
> for download by appending their numbers to the corresponding file 
> in interesting.groups. 
> I have added some additional syslog calls in nntpd.c from which I 
> could see that markdownload is not executed because the expression
> ( *s != '\n' ) evalutates to false (whatever that means). :-/

I don't use delaybody, so I'm unable to check this.

That test in nntpd.c seems to look for an article without a body part.

In fetchnews.c:689:
        fprintf( f, "\n[ Thread has been marked for download ]\n" );

a dummy body is appended to the downloaded headers.

Please check if the pseudo articles in your spool contain that dummy
body. Remove that body and the last empty line from one pseudo article
and check if you can mark that one for downloading.

If that works, I suggest you comment out that line in fetchnews.c.


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