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[leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE] leafnode-2.0b8_ma2


This is a resynchronisation release as well.
Please test this one hard, especially local groups that I don't use and
cannot test therefore ATM.

It has Jörg's patches merged, see below. 

It also comes with a reformatting program that requires GNU indent 2.2.5
as well as Perl 5. I ran the source through the reformatter *twice* (not
sure what interfered yet), like this:

/reformat.pl *.[ch]

Leafnode 2.0b8_ma2 is available at:


248k leafnode-pcre-2.0b8_ma2.tar.bz2
  4k leafnode-pcre-2.0b8_ma2.tar.bz2.sig

I wrote:
> Changes due for the next ma* releases (not necessarily in TODO):
> change ln_log to restore the old domain verbosity
>   (no/server/group/article/NNTP), the current ERROR/INFO/NOTICE scheme
>   is not too good.


> junk stdio and use vstreams or something own
> implement a list module and iterators, possibly filters, and drop all
>   those readdir loops, they can better be done in a single function
>   (cuts code size big time)
> finally fix the locking

these are still pending

ChangeLog (only lists differences between ma1 and ma2):

        - merge Jörg Dietrich's storearticle() patch of 2001-01-19.
        - hand merge Jörg Dietrich's fakeactive() patch of 2001-01-20.
          (both patches adjusted to ln_log and using *q instead of
        - fix ln_log to include context to better determine verbosity
          (restores pristine 1.9.x/2.0b* behaviour in _ma series)
        - new function: critcalloc
        - removed texpire-jd (discontinued)
        - add test -f in config.c generation to fix bogus error (was
          ignored by make, though)
        - remove silent flag from lockfile_exists (handled by ln_log)
        - remove excess printf close to ln_log calls
        - escalate some error messages to LNLOG_SERR
        - don't warn, but die if gmtoff cannot allocate memory
        - if server rejects XOVER, don't try again on that server
        - fetchnews.c:checkactive: report errors
        - artutil.c:store: fix bogus "..as" logging for EEXIST case.

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Matthias Andree

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