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Re: [leafnode-list] groupinfo not updated

You wrote on Freitag, 19. Januar 2001 12:52:
>Answering my on mail ;-)
>I wrote
>> - no changes in config (besides debugmode=1)
>this is not totally true:
>I had changed
>    fetchnews --vv >> log
>    unbuffer fetchnews --vv >> log
>and this is causing groupinfo (and active.read) not to be updated.

Where do you have this command?  I think this has nothing to do with the 

Maybe you have my last problem reversed:  My groupinfo was downloaded every 
time -- very time consuming.

So (with a little help) I found:
- there is an option to change the time between two full downloads of the
  groupinfo list: timeout_active
- the file /var/spool/news/active.read has the timestamp of the last full
  download of the active list (groupinfo).  So leafnode must be able to
  change this file (the directory /var/spool/news has to have the proper
  permissions)  Maybe the new installation has changed the directory
  permissions so that the option "timeout_active" can make what it is
  proposed to -- so, maybe, before it was not working correctly and now is

and to help you further:  new groups are only found if the server makes a 
message about them (that's what the message "Getting new newsgroups from 
News.CIS.DFN.DE" says) -- and without reading the source, I would say: 
leafnode doesn't take a look at his groupinfo when asking for new groups 
(otherwise the action has to be called unknown groups, hasn't it?)

Hope this helps

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right now the web page is in german only
but this will change as time goes by ;-)

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