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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode, nn, text browsers

On Fri, Jan 19, 2001 at 01:55:09PM +0100, marc* wrote:

> text? can i read news with mutt? the distribution

No.  mutt is a mail reader, not a news reader.

> i tried to do it with nn, but it says: "can't
> find active file". it sounds similar to a faq
> on the faq, but with tin. i tried that solution 
> too. i know this is not a nn mail list, but i

That sounds like it's trying to access a local news spool rather than
using NNTP.  Leafnode only supports access using NNTP.

> don't know of another news text reader.

> 1. advice on a simple news text client / browser?

IME tin and Gnus are both fairly easy for people to get to grips with.

> 3. has any1 tried nn with leafnode? is nn a
> well-suited news reader for leafnode, or is 
> it too complex and performant?

nn is a very old program and probably one of the harder news readers to
use but the choice of newsreader shouldn't matter much to Leafnode.

> ps: i have some comments to do on the documentation,
> which i find obscure in several points (for a  
> news administrador neophyte). i can volunteer to

If this is part of the Debian package rather than the original Leafnode
distribution (the automated configuration bits, mainly) then I'd very
much like to hear about it.

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