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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode, text news browser, nn ...

[I apologize for Marc's message occuring twice on the list. This was
 my fault, not Marc's.]
Marc wrote:

> after 2 hours, i managed to install and retrieve
> some news from my favorite newsgroup. the point
> is that i don't know how to browse the messages.
> can you give advice on a linux news client for 
> text? can i read news with mutt? the distribution
> i use is debian 2.2.

tin works fine. If "tin" doesn't work for you, try "tin -r" or "rtin"
to explicitely tell it to read news over NNTP.

I have no experience with the combination of nn and leafnode. The last
time I used nn was about eight years ago. You may ask on the mailing
list for leafnode, or just use your favorite newsgroup (try
news.software.readers or news.software.nn; maybe there are also
Spanish-speaking newsgroups about news software or linux).

Other console-based newsreaders that are often used are "gnus" (a
macro package for emacs) and "slrn". Both work fine together with

> ps: i have some comments to do on the documentation,
> which i find obscure in several points (for a 
> news administrador neophyte). i can volunteer to 
> write something if the coordinator finds it 
> necessary.

Yes, just go ahead - writing documentation is not easy, and I am
always glad if somebody suggests improvements. You can send improved
docs either to the list or directly to me.


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